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Friday, September 30

Lots and lots of company!

Mama and Papa left together early this morning. I was in panic mode. How long were they going, where were they going? Why couldn't I go? I tried to sneak out the door with them but, they wouldn't let me.
Papa got home first. He was dressed real nice? Where was Mama? Maybe she went hunting for food. Sometimes she comes home with lots of plastic bags with food. I think she is the hunter of the family.
Anyhow, jumped circles around her when she finally strolled in. She was not hunting cuz she had no food but, she looked really nice. Hmm. Maybe they are planning a surprise for me. Yeah, must be it. HAS to involve me somehow. Doesn't everything?
Mama took me to visit our neighbour Audrey and I got a digestive biscuit out of the deal. Love those so yummy. When we got back home THREE of my cousins and TWO of my aunts were at my house!! YEEHAW...I love when they come over.
We had pizza, around six bags of potato chips and even ice cream. Well, they had ice cream I was not allowed because it was chocolate. I didn't even vomit and I ate lots! Goodie for me.
One of my cousins slept over! I love her and licked her face lots before we went to sleep.

Thursday, September 29

Gone with the wind.

Wow it was so windy today I literally almost got blown away. Mama couldn't take me out for a long walk so we went for a bunch of mini ones. My ears were blowing everywhere and all these weird orange and brown things were flying off all the trees! I was scared and excited all at the same time. It was cold too. I wonder if this means that white stuff is coming soon. I love that white stuff. I ran in it all last year and had a ball. I hope it comes back.
Mama went to the groomer today to have her nails clipped and I think they cleaned her feet cuz they looked so pretty when she came home. I played with Papa most of the evening and ran around the house chasing a bunch of tennis balls. There is no wind inside the house and this I am grateful for! Hard to play when you are being tossed around like a cheap salad.
Mama's calling me to have my teeth brushed. I have to go. I LOVE that beef flavored toothpaste!

Wednesday, September 28

One day I'll get em

I was up all morning you see because I heard a noise, it was a big truck making lots of noise. It was the same truck that comes here every Wednesday morning. This time I was going to be ready for them! I heard the truck and started barking like crazy. I woke Mama and Papa up in the process . That was at eight this morning. Mama tried to get me back to sleep but, I kept barking. Louder and Louder until Papa went to see what was up in the window. Papa sighed and went back to bed. He did not seem concerned at all. Mama brought me to the window and kept saying "Stop. It's OK. It's ok." and pointing at the truck. What? Is she crazy? How was it ok? A man was jumping off the back of the truck and taking some big black bags off of our lawn. He was stealing right in front of Mama and she did not care! There were blue boxes full of things too but, the man didn't take them. To make it even worse, he was stealing big black bags from ALL the houses on the street!!!!! This happens every week at the same time and nobody does anything about it.
Even as a submissive, wouldn't-hurt-a-fly poodle, I simply cannot stand for this. I barked one last time as I watched the man taking the bags and give up. Mama sees this and doesn't care and Papa just went back to bed. In fact I think those were Papa's black bags and blue boxes because I saw him put those outside!
I'm confused.
Going to bed.

Tuesday, September 27


Today is Mama and Papa's anniversary. They have been married for four years. I've only been around for a year and a half but, I am positive their life was boring as heck before I showed up. I entertain them. I am their little furry daughter. Well, Mama's portuguese so even if they had a human daughter she would most likely be hairier than me.
Mama gave me a nyla bone for this special occasion and I spent the whole day trying to hide it from the "lovebirds." Now that I think about it they probably gave it to me to get rid of me for a while but, that's ok. I hid that bone behind Mama's pillow. She'll wonder why her neck hurts tomorrow. Hee hee.
YAWN, Boy, all this running around and hiding that bone has made me tired.
Later people.

Monday, September 26

Poultry Princess

I slept almost all day because it was raining and I was lazy. I finally got up early afternoon and went for a walk with Mama. The sun came out when we left. It was because of me. Mama says I bring the sunshine. It was nice the whole time we were outside and then when we came back home a dark cloud hung over our house. Mama must be right. I do bring the sunshine!
When we came home I ran inside and straight to the kitchen! Papa was making chicken drumsticks. I could barely contain myself as I sat on the couch waiting for them to cook with the succulent juices filling up the air in my nose. Just when I thought I would try and beeline for the oven they were ready! Then Mama made me wait while they cooled off.
I was impatient but, listened.
It was worth the wait.
I got three of them! When dinner was done I followed Mama to the kitchen. I always do that because I want to make sure she is throwing out those bones and not stashing them somewhere for later. Kind of like what I do with my stuff.
My belly is full and I need to go lie down again.
Hey, I'm just a little thing ya know I get tired easily.

Sunday, September 25

I am really popular

Papa came home this morning. He went to somebody's cottage and to play golf yesterday. He was tired and kind of stinky but, he took a shower when he got home so I lay with him a while on the couch. I love my papa so much.
Mama took me out visiting and for a nice long walk. Plenty of people stopped Mama to ask how it's possible that a dog could be so cute and so loving at the same time.
I know, SOMEHOW I manage.
I love the world.
The world was put here for my pleasure.
The world is my friend.
The earth is my toilet.
Gotta go play - Mama bought me another new toy today. This one is a horse and it makes noise but, I am not scared of it.
I am still scared of the stuffed dog that barks but, I am making progress in that area.

Saturday, September 24

I am still winning

I had a whole chicken breast for dinner.
What do you think poor Sean Preston had?
Runny breast milk?

I get A MILLION points

Take that famous baby!

Friday, September 23

Sean Preston ain't got NOTHING on me.

So Britney and Kevin had a baby. Woopdee doo.
They posted pictures of the kid's room. Actually the kid doesn't have his own room yet. He stays in his parents room in a bassinette.
Here are the photos. Let's compare his life to mine.....shall we?

Here is his bed.

The baby's bed is in the corner of the parent's room.
So is ONE of my beds (i have four) but, I get to sleep on the big bed with Mama and Papa.
One point for Sean Preston, Two for me.

Here is a boudoir desk in the bedroom. There is a picture frame on it and it is empty. Mama's got a picture of me in her frame!
Zero for Sean Preston and two bonus points for me.

This Is Kory's room....she is Sean Preston's half sister. Her daddy's got kids everywhere. She does not live with her daddy all the time. I do.
I get three more points and what's his name gets nada. My family life is more stable. Kory's got some nice toys in her room but, mine are better and I have baskets of toys everywhere.
I get two more points.

Kory's room has an awful raft mural on the wall and looks like a boys room. My room is girlie from head to toe.
I get five more points. And another point for having much more practical furnishings.

This is just ONE of my toy baskets. Look how colorful and neat it is. This is the one in my very own poodle room.

This is the boudoir desk in my room. Mama puts her stuff on it but, I don't mind. I never fuss with my appearance the way she does. I don't need to. Besides, we both know who's room this is...MINE.
Mama has a photo of me on the desk but, you cannot really see it here... I get two points. Sean Preston zero.

These are the curtains in my room. Aren't they so pretty? Mama always brags to everyone who comes over that the curtains only cost twenty dollars at Zellers.

Ofcourse they were cheap you can see right through them!
Gee, good deal you got on a piece of see through lace Mama!! Yeah, right.
Anyhow, I get more points because I got curtains and Kory has blinds in her room. I am still winning!

Ya think Sean Preston has statues of himself in his room?
Ofcourse not.
I get bonus points for this for sure.

This is my POODLE shelf in my POODLE room that Mama and Papa dedicated to me. I am not allowed to play with these toys and they are up high. Sometimes I cry because I want to but, Mama won't let me.

Sean Preston probably has a shelf he wants to touch too but, he can't because his father Kevin stashes all his drugs up there.

And this is my's comfy and I like to sleep here during the day. My bed rocks.
It ain't no basket for a baby, it's a real bed.
I get a million points for this bed.
I win.

And people say Britney is going to spoil that baby.
Not likely.
That baby will never have it as good as me.

I smell grilled chicken.
I'm outta here!!!!!! BYE

Thursday, September 22

Yawning as I type this

I had a nice day and ran around a lot. I also went for a walk and played ball with Papa. I am pooped.

Tune in Tomorrow, my blog is going to be so good..... my bed is calling me. And when my bed calls me, I listen.

Wednesday, September 21

Nice day!

Mama did something today she has not done in a while. No, it wasn't work........She sun tanned outside. I was so happy because I love when Mama does that. I lie right beside her and soak up the rays but, not for very long. I end up in the shade for the most part but, I love being outside when Mama and Papa are there also. Papa did some gardening and cut the grass. Mama stayed out for a while and then she made lunch. It was so yummy. We were supposed to go for a long walk but, we went to visit our neighbour Audrey and Mama ended up watching Montel Williams the whole time we were there. I spent the whole time jumping up on Audrey's chair trying to get her to give me a piece of cracker or a hotdog like she normally does but, she didn't give me anything today except for water.
Water? I turned my nose up at that.
I can have water anytime and at home I get the Brita water. Nope, no tap water for this precious pup!

Tuesday, September 20


I had the best day ever! My cousin Natasha was here ALL DAY LONG! Yay! I must of done something really good! I woke up and she was here! I licked her face all morning. I love her so much I was relentless about it. She did not have a moment's rest. I was all over her. She loves me too so she gave me a really long belly rub and kissed my head all the time.
Mama took us out for a walk and I was walking all over the road...Natasha came with us! I was breathing so heavy out of excitement that Mama had to pick me up. Mama took us both to visit Audrey in the neighbourhood for a while (I got a hotdog out of it! I LOVE GOING THERE!)
Natasha stayed for a long time. She played on the computer with Mama. They found a website that makes computer dress up dolls. Natasha loved it and now that I think about it, Mama looked like she was having even more fun than my cousin was!
Mama must of had a deprived childhood. Playing with Dress up dolls at 37! I mean Really!
I just I couldn't trust Mama with my toys!
Anyhow, Natasha went home now and I am sad.
Papa made me some steak...I feel better.

Monday, September 19

Things are back to normal!

This morning when I woke up Mama was still here! Yay! I was afraid she went away again. Mama was pretty tired today but, she managed to take me for a great long walk. I walked so good. Mostly because Papa did not take me for any long walks while Mama was gone. Papa takes me up the block and back. What fun is that? Mama takes me for a long time and we always go visiting. In fact we visited today. It was such fun. Papa made another top notch barbecue dinner and he gave me a little bit of steak. It sure was yummy. I am so glad my Mama and Papa adopted me and not some other mean or boring people who have no culinary skills.

Sunday, September 18


Don't get me wrong, Papa was great this weekend and gave me lots to eat. He played with me and cuddled.......but, I WAS SO HAPPY when Mama came home!
I licked her so much!! I went through her duffle bag to see what she brought me back. Nothing.
Not even a postcard. Oh well, I still love Mama and missed her a lot. Mama was tired when she came home and we all went to bed early. I hogged Mama's side of the bed since I was getting so used to it while she was gone. Mama didn't mind cuz she loves me.

Saturday, September 17

Still hanging with Pops

Papa is the man. Master of the barbecue. We are getting along just famously without Mama. I miss her but, she does not cook like Papa does. I got my priorites alright.
Me and Papa slept in and then we went outside, ran around the backyard for a bit, I pooped, I peed, we went inside, I ate, he ate, I ate what he was eating and it was great Papa / Dogter bonding time. My Papa really loves me and sings little songs to me when he thinks nobody is listening. He sings off key sometimes but, I'll take him over Mama bellowing out a tune when she has her walkman on and thinks she sings as good as Mariah Carey.
Not quite.
Tired from bonding. Must rest on Mama's side of the bed. While I can.

Friday, September 16

Me and Papa!

Mama was home this morning running around doing housework again. I think she may be obsessive compulsive. Mama packed a big bag of clothes too. She left in the afternoon and showered me with kisses and hugs. I thought she was going to squeeze the air outta me!
So looks like Papa and I are hanging out this weekend. I love my Papa - even more because I saw him take out a big steak for dinner! Yummy, some of that has got to be for me and if not I better go and practise my sulky face. Papa likes to watch sports in the living room and play ball with me at the same time. He is so much fun.
I miss my Mama though.
Mama! Mama! Where are you? I need a cuddle and a belly rub.
OOh....just remembered....if Mama's away that means I get her whole side of the bed to myself!
See ya later Mama, don't forget to brush your teeth and sleep tight.... wherever you are.

Thursday, September 15

D day and a B day!


AND ME AFTER..........

I got groomed today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Mama dropped me off and I was shaking like a leaf and clutched on to her hair with my claws. At least this time I didn't cry. I was there for hours on end. This time it was not so busy.
Mama and Papa came to pick me up. Papa waited in the car. When Mama came in she saw me in a kennel with my paws crossed over like a princess waiting for her. When the groomer let me out of the kennel I ran to Mama and jumped all over her. Mama scooped me in her arms and we left. Mama kept trying to kiss me but, I had to pretend to be a little angry even though I was thrilled to see her.
First thing was first. I had to pee really bad! Somehow Mama knew this and let me go before we got in the truck with Papa. Papa was trying to kiss me too and I gave him a little one but, that was it.
I got home and got treats and went for a super long walk with Mama. All night Mama and Papa kept telling me how pretty I am. I enjoyed all the attention. I finally ended up giving them kisses especially when I saw my grilled breast of chicken they made me for dinner! (Must of been their guilt for leaving me all day)
I gobbled up my chicken and spent the evening relaxing and playing.
Mama and Papa phoned my cousing Natasha because today was her birthday. They were singing to her on the phone. They looked like fools and did not even consider that maybe I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATASHA....I love you and I miss you and I hope to see you soon. Here is a poem I wrote for you.


You are funny, You are nice,

you really are made of sugar and spice

I love your smile And your beautiful face too

I love you cousin

Happy Birthday to You

Wednesday, September 14

Not my best moment

I had a rough day. Mama took me for a walk and there was a little pooping incident. I had some trouble. That is all I am going to share.
I spent most of today trying to relax and get my grooming appointment tomorrow out of my mind. That's what has me so tense and well...backed up if you must know.
Mama went out and I am upset she did not take me with her. Papa had pizza for dinner though and snuck me some so that was alright.
I need to go to bed early.
I am going to be poked, prodded and humiliated tomorrow at the groomers. I need my rest.
Get a good look at me because tomorrow I will look like a skinned rat.

Tuesday, September 13

I feel like chicken tonight...

Mama got up early and went out. I started to panic but, then realized Papa still had his pajamas on. Papa ended up leaving too and I was alone for a little while. Mama came home first and I was at the door waiting for her. She bought me another new toy. This was is a pig and it oinks. I am not scared of it. I love it! I licked it a lot like it was my baby sister. Then Mama let me have some chicken for lunch. Mama is the best.
Mama and I went out this afternoon visiting our friends on the street. We saw Audrey for an hour and I kept trying to get her attention. Audrey didn't give me any food. She usually does. Finally I settled for a back rub. I guess that is second best. Then we saw the kids on our street and I played with them.
When we got home Mama kept complaining how dirty I am and I was covered in grass and burrs. (I was running around Audrey's yard)
Now she has even MORE reason to send me to that grooming appointment on Thursday. I forgot about that.
I got depressed again and then Papa came home with chicken wings. All is well with the world again.

Monday, September 12


Mama booked the darn grooming appointment today. I thought she forgot but, apparently not!
I have to go Thursday morning first thing. I am so upset. I already am full of anxiety. I hate that place. I am trying to think of a way to get out of going but, I don't think any plans are going to work especially because my nails almost longer than Mama's.
Mama and I walked today and I kept laying down. It was too hot. All I want to do is sleep, eat chicken and be pampered. ..... kind of like Oprah circa 1998.
Mama must know how stressed out I am. I saw her take out chicken drumsticks for dinner!!!! YUM YUM, MY FAVE..... One of those suckers had better be for me.

Sunday, September 11

Silly Tea Party

Mama really wants me to like my new kitty cat and new doggie that she bought. I told you the other day I am terrified of them but, Mama is insistent! If you play with them, the doggie barks and the kitty cat meows. I love the kitty cat but, I really don't like the doggie.
Mama put me on my big pillow I relax on in the living room. She brought my black kitty cat which I have had forever. Then she brought the new kitty cat toy and the doggie toy with me. She put kibble in front of all of us and told me I was having a tea party.
She has lost it!
A tea party eh? Where the heck are my biscuits then?
Mama thinks she is so smart. Anyhow, when she wasn't looking I ate all the kibble treats she put down. Even that mean toy doggie's kibble! That'll teach them all.

Saturday, September 10

soooooooooooo Tired

This is pretty much what I did all day. Mama was cleaning and running around organizing cupboards of all things. I got tired of watching her do the Martha Stewart routine. Papa went golfing and was not around in the morning so I had nobody to play with. Mama was using the big new vacuum cleaner that we just got. I am scared of it. I see it sucking up all kinds of know, I look big but, I don't weigh much....gotta stay away from that thing!
I slept in this morning and then slept through lunch. Mama got me up to take me for a walk. I grunted but, then was happy when I saw my leash. I made it about twenty minutes and then Mama had to carry me almost the whole way.
Well, she woke me from a deep sleep, what does she expect? Anyways, went for a walk later in the day again with Mama and we went visiting. I had a nice day. I am going to bed. Bye.

Friday, September 9

That Mama!

Mama took this ridiculous photo of me as I was taking a poop. Notice I am helpless and cannot stop what I am doing to shoo her away! She has really lost it now. Even I want her to find a job - even something Part - Time would be nice. I know I will miss cuddling with her and our long walks but, since she loves me so much she will find time to do those things for me regardless. I wish I could post a picture of Mama taking a poop but, she goes in privacy and besides, I don't know how to use the camera. Lucky for her.
Mama can be so embarassing sometimes but, I still love her dearly. She took me for an amazing walk today and we had a nice time. I chased Mama around the backyard and she pretending to be scared and then she chased me and I really did get scared! I run pretty fast. Mama says they should put me in the races! I have news for her, unless there is a juicy steak or chicken breast at the finish line I really am not interested.
Mama took me to visit our neighbour Audrey. I had the best time because Audrey spoils me. Audrey gave me a piece of hotdog and a cracker with some peanut butter on it. Did I mention how much I love going there?
I had a busy day so I need to go sleepytime now.

Thursday, September 8

Rude Awakening!

Today I was sleeping blissfully with Mama and suddenly a big bang from the sky woke us up! I jumped five feet and literally threw myself on Mama's head. Mama was not too impressed since it was 7:30 in the morning. Papa was already up because he had some meeting to go to all day. Mama woke up and held me and kept saying it was ok. Mama said it was just a storm.
JUST a storm? Does she forget that Papa has CNN on all day and they keep talking about that storm Katrina. I got scared. Mama did not seem worried about the storm and we went downstairs for breakfast.
Mama cleaned all day and was working on the computer. I got bored. Mama gave me a nyla bone. I spent all afternoon trying to hide it from Mama. Mama couldn't care less about the bone but, she would if she knew how yummy they were!
Mama and I went for a walk and then I had a special treat today. When we got home from our walk there was a black kitty cat on the next lawn. Mama called the kitty cat over and it came! Mama pet it and it lay on it's back for a tummy rub........just like I do. Surely, this must of been one of my long lost relatives! I was fascinated but, did not make a peep except for the fifty million licks I gave Mama on her cheek. I love kitty cats.

Wednesday, September 7

I am scared of my new toys

This is me playing with my bunny. I am fine with bunny. Mama wanted a photo of me with my new toys that I am afraid of but, I wouldn't play with them long enough for her to take a photo. Mama bought me a doggie and a kitty cat. At first glance they appear to be normal stuffed animals. That's what I thought. When I played with them they were making noises! The puppy doggie barks and the kitty cat meows. I was crying and shaking. Mama did not even comfort me at first, in fact she kept laughing and putting me beside the new toys. I sure didn't think it was funny. I don't get the joke. We'll see how funny it is when I report Mama to the Humane Society. Cruelty to Animals.
Mama gave me chicken for dinner and I forgave her. Well, I can't hold a grudge, it's just not healthy.
Besides, when I played with the toys later I realized that if I just lick them gently they won't make those horrible noises. I guess I have to get used to them. Mama never gave them any chicken so I guess they can stay. For now.
Oh I want to give a shout out to my Mama's cousin Helder! Happy Birthday big guy.

Tuesday, September 6

I feel it coming.....

Mama and Papa are sending me to the groomers. They keep commenting that they can't see my pretty face. That is a nice way of telling me I am a hairy mongrel! I know it's part of a dog's life but, hey, I am not just any regular dog....don't you agree???
Mama worked on the computer for a long time today and I just lay around completely bored. Finally Mama took me for a long walk around lunch time. We had a nice time but, it was too hot. I tried to keep up with Mama so that she would not think my fur is too long......clip, clip, but, I just couldn't. She had to pick me up a few times but, other than that I was a good girl. Mama also took me to visit our neighbour Audrey. We had a nice time and Audrey gave me half of her chicken parmesan! I'll have to remember to go and visit around her dinner time again. Papa went to play golf and came home with more chicken! I had a great day food wise.
Mama was crying today. She was watching some show where they were talking about Hurricane Katrina. Mama was crying because a lot of doggies were abandoned. People were told they could not take their pets with them and they were showing doggies in water and doggies tied to a porch full of water and starving doggies. I tried to comfort Mama and she just hugged me really tight and kept crying. Later Papa and Mama told me that they would never abandon me....even in a hurricane. They love me so much they would rather put their lives in danger. I sure am a lucky dog. Literally.

Monday, September 5

Rolled in Dirt

I've gone and done it now. Today Mama was busy cleaning and Papa was doing some gardening. I was out in the backyard alone for a while and decided to roll around in dirt. I guess I was bored. Papa found me and got upset with me and brought me inside. Mama said that I stink and am filthy. I was hoping she would give me a bath but, no such luck. I have to go get groomed now. AT THE DARN GROOMER!! Mama said it is the only way for me to be really clean and besides I need my nails and my hair cut. I am upset now. I don't want to go to the groomer!
The rest of my day was great though, I had chicken for lunch. I also had chicken for dinner along with half a hamburger. It was so yummy.
Mama and I went for a long walk and I actually walked! The weather was nice and I enjoyed it very much. I cuddled Papa on the couch and then we all went to bed early. We had a busy weekend and were all tired.

Sunday, September 4

more visiting!

Mama, Papa and I went visiting today. We went to my little cousins' house. They had a bbq. I got meat and chicken for dinner. WOOHOO! I played in the backyard for most of the day and took a poop by the swingset they have although, Mama never did find it.
I played with my cousins and had a grand old time. Mama took me out for a big walk before we left the house and I got to go to the park with my cousins in the afternoon. I met a boy dog named Lucky that looked like me. He wanted to play with me but, I really was not interested. Then a little shitzu dog was trying to play with me through the fence but, I was jealous cuz all my cousins kept saying how cute the dog was. Well, it was cute but, not as cute as me. I kissed the dog through the fence and that was the end of that. I had a nice day.

Saturday, September 3

Fun day and I am tired

I had a fantastic day today. I went for a walk with Mama. Then Mama and Papa took me out. I had such a good time. Some of my cousins were there. I played with them and then we all had some dinner. Mama fed me TWO chicken drumsticks! YES! My all time fave. I was on my very best behavior especially because there was food around and it really paid off. When we got home I slept like a puppy.

Friday, September 2

I want to be carried!

Mama and Papa got up early today. They went out this morning but, I wanted to sleep anyways so I didn't budge when they kept asking me for kisses.
Mama tried twice to take me for a walk today. The first time I just pooped right away and then kept sitting in the grass. She was not apparently in any kind of mood to carry me. The second time we ended up going to Audrey's house to visit. I love Audrey. Audrey is ninety years old and my favorite person by far on this street. I love all the kids too but, after a while I want my Mama again. Not with Audrey. Today she gave me some potato chips. Mama said it was O.K. We stayed there for an hour. I was happy and kept jumping on Audrey's lap and kissing her face. She always laughs a lot when I do this. I love going there because she lets me run around her house and snoop. Sometimes Papa calls me Inspector Clouseau cuz I always need to investigate what is happening around me.
Mama brought me back home and we sat on the porch together on a blanket. Papa washed his truck in the late afternoon and I cuddled with Mama on the porch. I had a nice day.

Thursday, September 1

My little cousins!

Remember I told you my cousins were here? Well here are some photos. These were taken in my room which Mama and Papa call "The Poodle Room". I love playing in here and sleeping here in the daytime. At night I need to be with Mama and Papa. In this photo I just woke them up. By licking them a million times ofcourse. As you can see they were very good sports about it.

I woke up and ran to the poodle room where they were sleeping. I was so excited that they were still at my house!!! (You see when I fell asleep in Mama's room I kind of forgot they were over)
They were happy to see me too.
They just love me. And I love them too! The older one is Natasha and the little one is Samantha but, she is not as small as me!

I am posting these because Mama only downloaded the pictures now. I have been bugging her all week. I can't because I don't know how.
I love my cousins so much !!