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Tuesday, July 31

Ode to my good friend Oscar

Mama and I were completely and utterly devastated to hear the news about our dear blogging buddy Oscar. Mama has been crying a lot because she is so in love with me and cannot even begin to imagine what Oscar's mum and dad are going through right now.
Mama did remind me that Oscar had a wonderful life, albeit a short one unfortunately. He had very loving parents who gave him what every dog wants and needs........LOVE. For that, we are all grateful.
I will miss Oscar very much, he always wrote the wittiest comments on my blog and always found ways to compliment me and encourage me to be me!
Dog with blogs will NEVER be the same without you my dear dear friend.
We will always remember you and your incredibly gentle nature, your grand personality and your loyal friendship.
I, for once, at a complete loss for words.
Oscar you will be in our hearts, on our minds and in our memories forever.

Sunday, July 29

Mama is so proud of us!

Mama and I did something we never did before. She took me for a walk and let me off the leash! She has never done this before because she is terrified I will run off or get distracted and run into traffic. We went to a lovely park where I believe dead people live (Humans call it a cemetary) Mama felt that it was safe because nobody was around and the area she let me free in had no roads near it. I loved it! I was a very good girl and listened to Mama. She is so very proud of me. It is certainly a milestone for me and for Mama (You know she has a hard time letting go......)
Here are some photos of the wonderful experience

Tuesday, July 24

My welcome back home pawty!

I have been back from my European modelling assignments for a few days now. I have been resting and nibbling bits of treats whenever I can to keep up my energy. I have been so jet lagged and exhausted from being a busy supermodel. Much to my surprise, Mama and Papa had a big welcome home pawty for me this weekend! All my friends were here and my cousins too! I was so happy. (None of my fans were invited as Mama says there is NO backyard big enough in the planet for my followers....she is right!) Here are some photos of me being surprised and charming and begging for food.

Here is my surprised look

Me and my uncle who was so happy to see me

Here's Papa and Mama, the proud parents.

My aunt Suzy and her dogter - my cousin Jessie

My uncle Sam (Hey T-Man we BOTH have an uncle Samy!) And my cousins Jessie and Jake trying to get in on the good eats!

Trying to get a bit of steak - REMEMBER I am the supermodel who eats!!

Doing what I do best...being the diva of attention!

Monday, July 16

Too pooped to party

My European modelling assignment is nearly over. They had a big going away party for me last night but, I didn't go. Part of it was because I am simply exhausted and part of it was to keep the mystique. You know, keep my fans wanting more.
I enjoy my work but, I must admit will enjoy some time off again. My hips are sore from sashaying, my eyelids weak from batting them, my long legs tired from strutting, my neck is tense from doing that pose where I walk away from the audience and then turn back to look at them one last time (My trademark by the way)

I am resting up now. My work in Europe is done. Mama is packing for me of course - need to keep my delicate paws unscathed should I be needed for a hand advertisement.
I am going to get some well deserved beauty sleep.
NOT that I need it.

Wednesday, July 11

Morroccan Heat

I am in Morrocco briefly. Man it's hot to begin with and now that I have arrived it is really SIZZLING....... (A reference to my beauty of course)
I did a Ar-man-is a best friend - i (Armani to you humans) runway show while I am here but, I didn't really do much else. It is too hot for a furball like myself. I stayed in my air conditioned hotel room for most of my day while I had Mama (my agent, secretary, muse etc) running around doing errands for me.
Here I am in my plush robe waiting for room service.
And here I am waiting for Mama to run my bath.
This was me looking for the mint they always leave on my pillow.
And since being a supermodel is so.....draining...Here I am taking a cat nap. (pardon the pun)

Monday, July 9

After my runway show in Greece I flew to Spain where I had a magazine shoot for Canine Klein perfume. I am their new spokes model. They wanted me naturally because I excude confidence, class and beauty. I hope to be an inspiration to all bitches everywhere (And I mean that in the most respectful sense ever)
Here's a sneak peek of the shot they chose for the campaign.

I wore the necklace T-Man gave me for Valentine's day. The photographer thought it was a nice touch and brought out my eyes.

If you buy Canine Klein please remember you spray it on your bum bum. Otherwise other doggies won't be able to be captivated by your aroma. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 5

Island Girl

Still on my European modelling assignment. I am in Greece today, arrived late afternoon. I have a runway show to do tomorrow here. I actually got to rest today! I decided I just wanted to relax so I went to the beach on one of Greece's beautiful islands. The best part is that nobody recognized me so I was not bothered. I did get a lot of attention though seeing as I was nude. (The beach was a nude beach)
I know, I know, What was I thinking? I could of made all those men's hearts stop or caused accidents but, nbody was hurt so don't worry. And I wore lots of sunscreen and my hat. A supermodel must always protect their assets.

Wednesday, July 4

Italy will never be the same

I flew (first class of course) to Italy this morning. I had a photo shoot first thing and then got to enjoy a real fine italian cuisine lunch. Lucky for me I am the world's only supermodel who eats!
Nothing says lovin like spaghetti and meatballs. I had an afternoon runway show in Milan for Doggy and Bandanna (The furry designer related to Dolce and Gabanna) where I was the star in a beautiful red silk dress. The only thing that went wrong was that the italian males were after me every minute. (It's my volumptuous frame and long eyelashes that get them)
So I had to take a gondola to get back to my hotel to avoid the mobs.

I am ready for bed now. Must fly out again tomorrow to the next location on my assignment.
Until tomorrow....

Ciao for now

Tuesday, July 3

Je suis en Paris

Hey peeps, I told you I am on a modelling assignment. Right now I am in Paris. I am doing a runway show for a new haute couteur doggie fashion line. It is very exciting and very posh although I am not at liberty to say who the designer is for confidentiality reasons. I am sipping non alcoholic wine and eating bits of cheese every chance I get. I am also taking long afternoon naps because that is what the French do.
Ok so, at home I eat cheese whenever I can and take long naps but, this is different. The people here are fairly nice and I am getting loads of respect because I am a poodle and you all know that the french love us poodles.
Ooops, Mama just knocked on my dressing room door, I have to go get fitted for a sequin halter dress that they are saving for the finale...well, did you expect any other supermodel dog to wear the dress of the evening???
Anyways, avoire for now and take care mes amies.....I will write tomorrow.
T--Man...Je T'Aime!!! That means I love you in French and it's sad that I am in the romantic city without my special gentleman but, I carry the picture you gave me and stare at it daily. If the picture is not available, I just stare at myself since we look so much alike.
Gotta go...the catwalk is calling....

(I leave with some photos I posed for in front of the French Riviera today - IN-cognito ofcourse or I would of been hounded for my pawtograph)

Monday, July 2

I'm on assignment.

I havn't blogged for so long that my secretary (Mama) nearly forgot our password to get onto blogger. I am on a modelling assignment right now which is another reason why I have not been blogging. I just read T-Man's blog and he misses me so much that I have been inspired to blog. I really miss him and all my friends here at dogs with blogs. So much in fact that I promise to make an effort to blog as much as I can. Even though the runway calls, the cameras flash all around me and I continue to sashay in uncomfortable yet VERY flattering outfits....I do miss you all.

Don't hate me because I am beautiful....
Chelsea the supermodel............who is back!