Memoirs Of A Spoiled Poodle

Chelsea the canine supermodel shares her daily diary with you. SIT. STAY. GOOD BLOG!

Sunday, October 28

The dark side of modelling

Hi everyone. Mama has enlisted me in boot camp. My last modelling gig commented that I was a bit "pudgy" where poodles are concerned. Hmpft! The nerve! Obviously they don't know curvaceous fur balls are highly regarded.

I refuse to cut down on my portions so Mama's decided to become my personal trainer.Anyhow, I thought I'd share some footage. Mama's a real drill seargeant!!

Saturday, October 13

Back to blogging.

I have been so busy on modelling assignments I have had no time to blog. Plus Mama is going to night school so she has no time to type for me. Her and I made a compromise that we are going to make a concious effort to keep in touch with our friends at dogs with blogs. We really missed all you guys! Even if it is a little blurb once in a while, we promise to try and keep it up more often than not.
Now, I must go catch up with my four footed buddies. (And some of my favorite two footed ones)