Memoirs Of A Spoiled Poodle

Chelsea the canine supermodel shares her daily diary with you. SIT. STAY. GOOD BLOG!

Sunday, August 26

Stop to smell the roses

I know the secret to happiness.
To being in complete and utter bliss.

Stop and smell the roses.

Just make sure there are no wasps around.

Sunday, August 19

Mama is older than ever!

Mama is really old now. She had a birthday last week. I was sure to buy her some pink roses. I used my poodle points at the department store to get them. She was quite happy with them and gave me lots of kisses. Here we are enjoying her day and I am enjoying a toy bone.

Mama is very nice and takes really good care of me. I love her so much and appreciate everything that she does. I really don't mean to wake her up every couple of hours but, sometimes I am just bored, can't sleep or want to play. Sometimes I just want a late night snack. I promise to try and let Mama sleep more. That way she won't get anymore unnecessary wrinkles. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!

Sunday, August 12

Miss Pawgeniality

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog. It's just that I have been having such a fun summer! I went to the beach with my Mama and Papa, have been to barbecues, visiting, walking a lot and just really enjoying myself. Between sleeping, eating and being Miss Congeniality I havn't had much time to blog but, will make a valliant effort to keep up with my dogs with blogs peeps!