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Wednesday, March 28

A new friend around the corner

I have a neighbour up the street who is 91 going on 92. Her name is Audrey. Mama and I go see her every Saturday and Sunday whenever we can and spend a couple of hours there. She loves me and lets me do whatever I want in her house. She also leaves a treat for me on her coffee table every time I go there.
Imagine my surprise when today - as Mama and I were coming back from our walkies...a woman we don't know came running out of a house and asked Mama to come over. Mama thought something was wrong so she scooped me in her arms and we headed straight over. Turns out the lady was a nurse and told us that the lady she cares for wants to meet me! The lady is 92 years old the nurse tells us. Mama and I make our way up the driveway and the elderly lady comes out of the house. Not at all what Mama expected. A feisty little thing with a J-Lo like lime green track suit on, makeup, impeccable nails and a big smile. The elderly lady introduced herself as Eilleen. She told Mama she sees me go by all the time and really wanted to meet me. (Which is ironic cuz that is EXACTLY how I met Audrey)
Long story short, Eilleen had a black poodle named Suzy who she worshipped and unfortunately Suzy had to be put down. She was very old and had lost practically all of her senses. Her sight, hearing, taste and smell.
So now....I have a new friend and she completely and utterly is smitten with me.
And let's face can you not be??

Tuesday, March 27

Lovely weather

I love the nice weather we are having. I went for a long walk today with Mama and we saw lots of people, babies, kids and dogs. I saw two dogs that looked like me on steroids. Mama thought I stayed back because I was terrified but, truth be known - I just got groomed and didn't want to mess up my hair. Poodles are very smart like that though.

Monday, March 26

I need some supremes

Ok, so I told you that I got groomed and am not happy with my new look. Mama keeps calling me Diana Ross cuz the groomer poofed my ears out.

Do I look impressed? (no offense to Diana but, I think I am waaaaaaaaay prettier)

Sunday, March 25

How to bathe oneself?

I tried to figure out how to bathe myself. Mama and Papa got me groomed this weekend and the groomer poofed out my ears so I look like I have an afro. Mama is lovingly calling me Diana Ross. I really don't find it amusing and NO I don't have a photo to post of it cause I am hiding from Mama whenever I see her go near the camera.
Eventually, I will figure out how to cut my own nails, clean myself in the tub and squeeze my own anal glands (Will be challenging - but, hey, I am a poodle afterall, can't be too hard to figure out) - just so I don't have to put up with the "nicknames" anymore. The groomer obviously has their own agenda and cannot bear the thought that I am a supermodel - so she is purposely trying to make me funny looking.
Yeah, well the joke will be on her cuz soon, I will be grooming myself!
Here I am practising before my grooming appointment but, I couldn't figure out how to turn the darn taps on!

Wednesday, March 21

Kitty cat and me

I want to introduce you to one of my favorite stuffed peeps. Kitty cat. I love cats but, they don't like me. Mama bought me Kitty cat a while back and Kitty cat has been a longtime fun friend and companion to me. Don't worry T-Man, Kitty cat is female. We had a girls night out tonight and just sat around eating kibble and gossiping about some of the other neighbourhood pets. Like the schnauzer Gina up the street who always barks really loud in my ear or the male beagle Snoopy who is always overly anxious to sniff my bum bum. How irritating! Then there is Max who looks a lot like me and is always trying to woo me. His owners tie him up to a tree in front of his house and everytime Mama and I walk by, I tease Max by coming right up to him, but, not quite close enough for him to get to me. Then there is Katie who is really small and really old and I try to give her space when I see her. Must respect our elders!
Speaking of elders....Mama needs the computer. Gotta go.

Tuesday, March 20

Lazy Mama = No batteries

I have wanted desperately to blog but, Mama didn't want me too because she has not taken any pictures recently. Something about needing batteries.
You would think this would be a priority. A supermodel in da house and no batteries for the digital camera?
All the poses you people are missing.
Just what is Mama thinking?
If batteries were covered in chocolate I have a sneaking suspicion we'd have some.

Saturday, March 17

Wiped out

I had a hectic weekend so far. Lots of walkies, visiting and even got to eat some liver. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY. Being cute, personable and adorable is really taxing on the body. Forgive me if this post is short and sweet.
Just like moi.

Tuesday, March 13

Thank You Boo and Fufu!

You know how I used to hate the mail man. Notice I said used to? How can I hate the darn man when he keeps bringing me presents?? Today I got a Valentine/Chinese New Year card from Fufu with a little red heart in it (thank goodness T-Man is friends with Fufu or this could spark some tension in doggie blog land)
And Boo the casanova....he sent me a lovely little pink poodle charm. It is gorgeous! Boo put a note in the card and said that he sent a similar one to T-Man so we could have a matching set. Smart thinking Boo. You don't want to make it look it appear as though you are trying to woo me. But, we all know better. They don't call you casanova for nothing.
Boo, your card went to my neighbour's house instead and they brought it over today. They were all weirded out that I got mail. They said to Mama, "Um, we got some mail for your address but, it seems to be for your dog?"
Imagine if they knew I had my own blog and my own room? Some humans just wouldn't understand so it's best to just let them draw their own conclusions.

Sunday, March 11

The 3 step program

I have successfully completed the three step program. Mama and Papa bought me some steps so that I can get up on the big bed without help. (I run up to it and try to jump but, always miss)
The first step is when I get on the stairs.

The second step is pausing right at the top (Just to make sure that Mama hasn't caved and has her arms outreached to pick me such luck)

And the third step is me making it successfully on the big bed and cuddling up.
I got this down pat!

Thursday, March 8

Personal space!

I love my Mama dearly. But,....
she is always smothering me. With kisses, compliments, hugs - you name it. I love the attention, don't get me wrong but, some days I just want to relax and not be bothered. Today is one of them. I tried to give her subtle signs I was not interested.
Here Mama is getting really up close and personal. Notice I am turned away. Hint number one.

Mama's slow apparently cuz she just didn't give up. Look at my obvious annoyance! Hint number you would think.

Then she starts with the baby talk and telling me I am so cute she just wants to squeeze me and squeeze my bum bum. Huh? Do I look like I want to be squeezed? It's bad enough the vet squeezes my anal glands. I tried to get away from Mama. Hint number 3.

Finally I give in. She drives me nuts but, she's mine and I love her. If a stolen lick on the face makes this woman happy than who am I to refuse her?

Wednesday, March 7

Fufu rocks!

I got a present from Fufu today in the mail! It's a beautiful pink bandanna! Well, it's a pink bandanna, I bring out the beautiful part.

I just love it, it is pink and feminine and shows off my charms. Fufu, Thanks so much. It was very thoughtful to send me this belated birthday gift. You are my favorite hamster ever. Not that I know any other hamsters but, I am sure as far as hamsters go, you are as cool as they get!

Sunday, March 4

Missing my kissing cousins

My freeloading cousins Jessie and Jake came over and stayed the night. Mama and Papa went to a hockey game and my Auntie Suzy (Jessie and Jake's mama) doggie sat me.
Well, that sounds harsh. She didn't actually sit on me. Not that she would hurt me if she did because her bum bum is not that big.
Jessie tried to get into bed with me and my Mama and Papa. I growled at her. She ran downstairs to her Mama. I also was in a bit of a snit when Jake kept trying to eat my kibble.
Anyhow, my cousins and I had a blast. I chased Jake all around the backyard and was caught stealing sisterly kisses with my female cousin Jessie. I really miss them now that they are gone.
Don't tell them though.

Thursday, March 1

Holy snow storm!

There is a big snowstorm tonight! Lots of wind and blowing snow. The good news is that Mama got to come home early because of it. Even though she is only a ten minute walk from work. Most of her co-workers live out of town so they let them all go. Mama and I played and frolicked in the backyard. We had lots of fun! The snow is so deep I almost got swallowed up by it.
The best part is that I found an old tennis ball I forgot about and rescued it from the cold. I am such a good doggie samaritan.