Memoirs Of A Spoiled Poodle

Chelsea the canine supermodel shares her daily diary with you. SIT. STAY. GOOD BLOG!

Wednesday, August 31

Mama is the best!

Mama and I slept in late. Mama had a headache. I didn't but, used the excuse that I needed to lay beside her and protect her. Papa got up early and was working. Mama took me for a nice long walk and we stopped to visit some of the neighbours. Audrey, my favorite is the ninety year old woman up the road. I love her. She makes a big fuss over she should. She gave me the most amazing hind leg rub I have ever had today. She also calls me nice names like "Old Pet" and "Sweetie". I love her lots. My Mama was so nice to me today and so was Papa. Papa made some chicken legs on the barbecue. He made some for me too! Mama had the plate on the counter and was busy doing something so I started whimpering. She fed me after that.
I have never whimpered before, but, it worked like a charm. I may have to use that in the future but, I don't want to abuse it. I would do just about anything for chicken. I love it, it is my favorite food ever. I even follow Mama and Papa to the kitchen to make sure they have no food left on their plates. One can never be sure.
Anyhow, Mama gave me ALL her chicken. Even though I had my own serving. I love my Mama soooooooooooooooooooooooo much. That is LOVE. When you don't eat so that you can feed the ones you love. I would never do that for her but, I still love her alot!!!!

Tuesday, August 30

I am revived!

I had way more energy today. I am back! Mama took me for a walk and I made it almost the whole way. She only had to pick me up the very last stretch. I played outside today. Mama and I ran around the backyard and we played fetch with a tennis ball. I had to go inside and brought the ball with me. Mama and Papa always laugh at me cuz I have to bring my toys inside. I never leave them outside. Well, why would I? What if a raccoon takes them? Or even a neighbourhood kid? I bet I have more toys than they do anyhow and mine are better.
Papa made a grilled chicken for dinner and I got my own piece! It was so good I gobbled it all up and even ate my kibble which is pale in comparison after that.
I cuddled with Mama and Papa on the couch and went to bed early.

Monday, August 29

Sleepy doggie

Wow, was I tired today. Pooped. I slept all day long. I only woke up to go for a walk with Mama.....well a carry........she carried me almost the whole way. (Did I mention I was tired?) I woke up also to eat some kibble and then went back to bed. Mama was worried I was sick and kept waking me up to see if I was ok. I was not impressed. I was fine, just tired. I had a very busy weekend and lots of visitors and visiting. It sure catches up to you after a while. Anyhow, I am tired. Bye.

Sunday, August 28

Great fun with lots of people!

Today was the best! First I woke up and my little cousins were here. They must of slept over! I woke them up the way I usually do by licking them like crazy! Mama made us all a big breakfast and then she took me for a walk. My cousins came too! It was great. Just when I thought this day could not get any better..... I went to a big barbecue! I met lots of people! They all just LOVED me. What's not to love??? I know, I know, I am adorable but, they really loved me. Everyone kept asking Mama how old I am and my name and where she got me. Mama was beaming proudly and telling everyone what a good doggie I am!
This photo is not from the barbecue but, it is from another wonderful moment I had this summer. Mama had been tanning and gave me half of her ALL BRAN bar. I love those bars! They are so delicious and they keep me regular. What a concept!
Anyhow, this barbecue was like my first bite of an ALL BRAN bar. I loved it!

Saturday, August 27

Too much noise!

ALL my cousins were here today. First it was great and I ran around and got lots of attention and they were gushing about how cute I am. Then they were all making a film. They had wigs on and there was loud music and lots of laughing. I went in my kennel. I had enough. I did come out when the pizza came and good thing cuz I got a little piece. I came out again when they were eating hamburgers. I had fun but, I was exhausted! I love having my cousins at my house.

Friday, August 26

My cousins ARE HERE alot of them!

My cousins are over today! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaah! I am so happy. Mama took me along and we all went to the store and I did not even get kicked out of the mall! Mama held me the whole time. I had such fun! My cousins are sleeping over also so I am extra excited! I cannot wait to wake them up by licking them excessively as I always do.
I am too excited to write this blog. I have to go play with them now. Later.

Thursday, August 25

I chewed a plastic ball!

My mama opened some old bin with toys in it from my little cousins that is at my house for some reason. When Mama wasn't looking I took a red plastic ball and chewed it to bits. Mama was wondering why I was quiet for so long, she thought I was sleeping but, no, I was chomping on the plastic red ball. By the time she came to see what I was doing I almost chewed it all. Mama took it away and threw it in the garbage! She is in a bad mood today.
We went for our usual walk and some construction man yelled out something to Mama, well, that did not go over too well. Mama started yelling at him and using words she only uses when she steps in my poop by accident. I probably should of barked at him and stuff but, it was hot so I just plopped down on the sidewalk.
I hope Mama feels better tomorrow. She sure is cranky! She keeps eating these candies called ADVIL and won't give me any???

Wednesday, August 24

Played with kids!

I had a fantastic day! Mama and I slept in until 11.....looks like she still is not going to work.......woohoo for me! Mama and I had breakfast. Mama worked on the computer and I played with Papa for a while. I went for my usual long walk and then we got home and the best thing happened ever! WE HAD COMPANY! Two little boys, oh I had such fun! I played ball with them inside. They kept throwing me all of my tennis balls (AND I HAVE TONS) then we all went outside and I chased them all over the backyard. I was so tired when they left and had to take a long nap. I even ate ALL of my own dinner from my bowl. Running around with kids is fun but, tiring! They were really cute and they liked me a lot. I think they will bother their mom to get a dog like me. Everyone should have a dog like me. Even Mama says so. I am the best dog ever. I am nice and I love kids so much. If my Mama and Papa weren't so much like kids themselves I would be asking for a sister or brother. I kind of like being spoiled though and I like it when Mama and Papa jokingly argue wether I am "Daddy's girl" or "Mama's baby girl".
There is enough of me to go around - especially since I have been eating a lot of treats. Mama found out yesterday I gained almost a pound since my last vet visit. My last visit was in June. That's not good. I don't weigh a lot so a pound is not too healthy for me to gain so fast. Mama has to cut back on my treats. Darn, and things were going so good.
I personally think I am retaining water cuz Papa let me have peanuts.

Tuesday, August 23

Can ya dig it? I can.

I spent a good part of my day digging. Yes, this is something I recently started doing. I am not even sure why......instinct I suppose? Mama gives me a little bone and I have to go and dig it up somewhere. She gave me a biscuit and I dug that up too. It seems I have to hide all my good treats. I just never know when another doggie may come by or even Mama may try and eat my bisquit. Hey, I have seen her eat just about everything else...why not??
Mama and Papa follow me around sometimes when I try and hide stuff and it really irritates me. The minute I notice them I must re-dig up whatever I buried and find a new place. I don't trust those two! I can't hide the fact that I have been digging though, you see my fur is so long now that those two always can tell what I have been up to. This means I'll have to go get a haircut but, I am hoping Mama and Papa forget about that. I don't like going. It is very intrusive and my bum bum is itchy for days. They think they make you feel better by dolling you up in a ribbon or a stupid bandana. It really makes things worse. You feel even more silly.
Anyhow, had a great day, walked with Mama and hung out with Papa. I think I need to get and get my bone. Talk to you another time.

Monday, August 22

Grand Monday

Today I had fun. I played almost all day. Mama took me for a long walk. We went to visit Audrey the 90 year old lady up the road who just loves me. I love her too. I always jump on her and Mama tells me to relax but, I just simply cannot contain myself when I see Audrey! She makes a big fuss everytime she sees me which is exactly what doggies live for.......well, that and a good chunk of protein. Anyways, I licked Mama's face so much to Thank her for taking me visiting. I love going out and love seeing people. Except the mailman. I hate him. I bark like a MEAN ole guard dogl whenever he comes around. I surprise myself sometimes!

Sunday, August 21

Junk in the Yard Dog

I played outside for so long today, this picture could be me. Mama was tanning outside so I stayed with her while Papa did yardwork. Mama gave me a bone to play with and I hid it in 248 places in the backyard before I settled on a safe place where Mama and Papa can't get to it. I also forgot to tell you that I got stung by a bee yesterday. It is the second time I have been stung by a bee. I screamed really loud and then Mama ran to me and noticed I stepped on a wasp. I killed it too.........the little bugger! Mama even noticed today that now I AM SCARED OF THEM! I used to swat them and follow them around but, boy have I ever learned my lesson! Now I run! So anyhow, managed not to get bitten today. As I was saying, I played outside all day and I was covered in dirt and grass when I came inside. Mama cleaned me up and took me for a long walk. I had dinner with Mama and Papa....I GOT CHICKEN! Then I went upstairs and watched Mama fart around the computer. I licked her feet a lot and she finally got off and we went to beddie bye.

Saturday, August 20

Out with my Papa and Mama!

Mama and Papa went out and took me along! There were a lot of people at this house and I was shaking when we first got there but, then I was ok. There were kids there and they were all running around. Mama would not let me play with them because at one point someone left the balcony open and I ran outside! Papa came tearing after me and screamed at me. Luckily, I did not run into the street and listened to Papa when he called me.

Mama refused to let me go after that so I had to sit in her lap all night. Everyone was eating. Mama let me smell some of her food. It was REALLY spicy and I was not interested. Let all the silly humans have a sore bum bum, I just was not interested. I had fun though and I even played hide and seek with the kids until the shower curtain fell down and broke! Wasn't me! I did get blamed for toilet paper being all over the floor however, I did NOT DO IT! How could I be responsible when Mama won't put me down!!!

Friday, August 19

I got the lonely doggie blues........

Someone pass me a harmonica! I got the lonely doggie blues. Mama all dressed up AGAIN and left the house all day. Papa had a friend over helping him do stuff and then they left too. I was tramautized! It rained really hard. There was lots of big noises coming from the sky and I was so scared! Nobody was here to comfort me! I cuddled up in my blankie until Mama finally strolled in around 6pm! I was happy to see her even though I was a little put off by being left alone. Papa got caught out in the storm and could not come home until around 9pm. He was in Concord and there was a big flood out that way. He could not get home fast because the roads were closed.
Ha! That'll teach him for leaving me here! Anyhow, everyone is back home safe and sound. I had to get over being upset since Papa ordered a pizza.
Hey, life is too short to be angry right? Especially when there is pepperoni in the picture!

Thursday, August 18

I was lonely!

This is basically what I did all day. Sit in the window and wait for Mama. She left really early and did not come back until after 6! I hope she does not have a job. I was so depressed because Papa went out to play golf at lunch time so I was alone for hours. I slept the whole time but, that's not the point is it? I really missed Mama and when she came home I went ballistic! I gave her forty five thousand eight hundred and twenty one kisses. At least.

Mama took me for a long walk and we saw a little puppy who was only a couple months old and bigger than me. I was scared of it! Mama was cooing in my ear not to be afraid but, what does she know? It could very well be a killer puppy for all I know. Those cuddly little fur balls don't fool me for a second! I used to be one. In fact I still am mistaken for a puppy. I love it though because people pay a lot of attention to me.

Later in the evening, I got in trouble. Mama was angry because I kept pretending I had to pee. I really wanted to go get some pears that fell off the tree in the backyard. Mama gets upset cuz the pears are rotten and I try and bring them in the house. I was really glad when Mama ate dinner finally. She is grumpy when she does not, I got some chicken!

Wednesday, August 17

Missing my Mama

Mama left really early this morning. She looked nice. I panicked thinking it was another job interview but, I heard her telling Papa she was taking a course like in a school. I hope the course is MAKING HOMEMADE DOG BISCUITS........That would make Mama even more useful to me or even better HOW TO CARRY YOUR DOG SO IT DOESN'T HAVE TO that I think about it, Mama could teach that course.
I slept a lot today and played ball with my Papa. Papa was tired. They got home late last night. That is unlike them.
Anyhow, Mama was gone all day but, as soon as she came home she took me for a very long walk. I was so happy to see her!
Mama got another interview tomorrow afternoon and she is going back to that school tomorrow morning. WHAT ABOUT ME???
I was feeling sad but, then Papa gave me some of his macaroni and cheese. YUM. Ok, I am better now.

Tuesday, August 16

Mama is old!

Today was my mama's birthday! She is really old! I think she is dog years she would of been a goner long ago. Papa catered to Mama's every whim today and he gave her presents. Apparently even I got Mama a card. It must of been mushy cuz she kissed me five million times over it. I also even got her gifts. I bought her a pink bracelet with silver in it, some pink books and a fancy top. She slobbered all over me for those as well. Mama is really gullable! How did I go shopping and buy her that? I would never buy her those things if I got my hands on her or Papa's credit card! I'd buy all kinds of treats........for me ofcourse. Anyhow, the gifts seemed to make her all happy so I guess that is good.
Papa and Mama left in a taxi and left me all alone. I was pretty mad for a while and then fell asleep while playing with my stuffed bunny. Then they came home really late and Mama was carrying all kinds of bags.......more presents! They must of had a party for her. Without me???? The nerve!!! Anyhow, I wanted to be angry but, I was so excited to see my Mama I kissed her forever. Then we all went to bed and I cozied up between Mama and Papa. It was the first night in a long time that I did not wake Mama up in the middle of the night.
Well, after all it was her birthday!

Monday, August 15

Time at my cousins....

My human cousin Andrew babysat me today. He is in this photo holding me. Beside him is another human cousin Lisa holding my doggie cousin.....I know, I know, you have to keep up here, My Mama has a big family. Sometimes I even forget their names.
So anyhow, went to Andrew's house while my Mama went out with Andrew's Mama and a friend. We had fun! I spent the evening doing one of two things.
1) Pretending I had to pee because I wanted to go outside to their huge deck and get underneath it. I always find tennis balls and old dog toys under there from when they had a dog ages ago. By the way, never peed once.....finally Andrew caught on.....darn.
2) Watched Andrew eat his dinner, watched him eat a snack, watched him eat a peanut butter sandwich.....I didn't drool but, I wanted to.
Mama came back and got me and Papa picked us all up.
I slept really good except Mama woke up twice to find me in a "Frozen stance" in the hallway. I wish I could talk! I kind of had to poo........she did not understand my low grunting noises and so i decided to hold it in until morning.

Sunday, August 14

Splish Splash

Mama gave me a bath today. We went for a long walk and it rained. It didn't rain very hard so Mama kept going and so did I. Mama had to pick me up to cross a big street. Mama was wearing a white T-shirt. I was wet and my paws were dirty so Mama's shirt got all dirty too. When we came home Mama gave me a bath. I kind of like them even though I am a little bit scared at the beginning. Mama wraps me up in a lot of towels and then I get treats after so it really is not so bad. I smell good too! Papa and I watched tv while Mama worked upstairs for the rest of the day. We had a nice dinner and went to bed early.

Saturday, August 13

Mad with Mama!

Mama was gone almost all day. I stayed with Papa and we had a lazy day together. We just watched tv and played fetch outside for a while.
Mama came home at 3am in the morning. She tried to cuddle with me but, I was freaked out. Mama smelled like doggies. Not just one but, I was picking up two scents! She had been out playing with two other doggies! I was sniffing Mama like crazy, I wanted her to know that I knew! I was kind of upset and confused. I am Mama's little angel, why wouldn't she just want to stay home and play with me??? Too upset to blog, I will try again tomorrow.

Friday, August 12

Thanks be to God!

Dear God,
Sometimes I see my Mama and Papa talking to someone who I can't see. It's you. I thought I would give it a try a while back since GOD spells DOG backwards, I figured you and me would have a good talk.
I asked you to watch over me because there was a mean pitbull in the small parkette near my house. I asked to you to take care of the pitbull because the owners were not very nice to it and always were yelling at it.
You answered my prayers.
The hobos in the park with the mean dog are gone. They have shelter and went to live there last week. They took their pet lab with them. Unfortunately, or Fortunately, depends how one looks at it, the Pitbull was taken away from the owners. The owners did not get the dogs all it's shots nor did they have the dog registered and licensed. They were told once they paid the $60.00 fine, they could have their dog back. They never paid the fine. Sadly, they will spend any money they make pan handling on liquor because they are dependant on it.
Anyways, Just wanted to Thank You for listening and now I know why Mama and Papa talk to you all the time. You really make things happen and you are a good listener. I just came back from the park with my Mama, we had fun and sat by the fountain. I used to be scared of it but, now I am not! I got a drink from the water fountain and we sat on a bench. I am glad to have my park back again!
I love you big guy in the sky!


Thursday, August 11

That time of the month

I had my medicine today. Mama gives it to me once a month from June - November every year. It is to keep me protected from worms, fleas and ticks. She just puts some liquid medicine on my back near my neck and I don't feel anything except a little drop.
I had a nice day. Papa took Mama grocery shopping this morning, I waited with Papa. Papa took me around for a little walk and I peed in the parking lot.
We all went home and Mama put the groceries away. She bought me a treat! Yay! She usually gives me a treat when she puts the groceries away because otherwise I will keep sticking my head in each bag looking for my surprise.
Mama and I went for a nice walk and I really lucked out. A group of about fifteen kids possibly around 7 or 8 years old were coming back from a school trip with two teachers. Well, naturally they saw me and went ballistic. Mama let all of the kids pet me and I didn't mind at all. I stayed there for a while and then the kids had to go. Shucks. I was having so much fun too. All the kids waved by and told my Mama I was the cutest and bestest dog they ever saw! Kids are smart these days. Then Mama and I went and visited Audrey. Audrey is one of our neighbours. She is 90 years old and a very sweet woman. She loves me and I love her. We visited for a long time and then we came home and ate dinner - YUM! I am going to go and relax now because I love being with people, but, it makes me tired.

Wednesday, August 10

Don't they have Doggie Demerol?

I met DOGZILLA today. It was bad. Mama took me to the big park where all the stray tennis balls usually are. We walked in our usual entrance and suddenly, OUT OF NOWHERE these two dogs came! One rushed at me but, backed off but, the other.........woah! It was growling at me and trying to go for my neck! I was screaming and looking up at Mama in panic. Mama was flailing her arms and screaming NO! to this big dog that was ten times the size of me. Mama got in there and swooped me up to safety in her arms! DOGZILLA's owner ran over and was yelling at his dog. He was very mad. He tried to talk to Mama but, Mama was very upset and kept walking. She was trembling. So was I to be honest, that dog could of squashed me never mind take out my throat! Mama came home and told Papa. Papa wanted to go back to the park but, Mama would not allow this. Mama was livid because the owner of DOGZILLA had the dog off leash. The owner was breaking the by-law stated clear as day in the entrance to the park. Mama always says there is no such things as bad doggies, just bad owners. I am probably not going to go to the big park anymore.....Mama says it is safer to go walking in the big cemetary. I think she is right but, I am sure going to miss those tennis balls and the kids sometimes in the park.
Oh well, I am over it now. I was a little shaken up and if there were such a thing as DOGGIE DEMEROL I would of popped a couple.
Mama has been cuddling me more than usual which is A LOT. She really loves me! I love her too. She is very protective and now I know why!

Tuesday, August 9

Door to door

Mama got up really early all dressed up and went out. I hope she is not still trying to find a job. I love having her around. Papa spoils me but, he doesn't wait on me hand and foot like Mama does. Last night she got up at 3:45 am and got me some kibble and water! Papa would never do that. He loves me but, he thinks that is just too much. I know who to go to when I need to get things done. MAMA!
Anyhow, slept in with Papa and cuddled.
Mama came home later and she felt so guilty for being gone she gave me all kinds of treats. Then she took me for a long walk. Then on the way back home we stopped at THREE different houses! I LOVE VISITING! I know all the houses where Mama has friends and I stop at all of them now. Most of the time nobody is home and I plop my bum bum down, wag my tail and won't move. Mama has to pick me up. Speaking of picking me up Mama keeps complaining about her shoulder. I heard her telling Papa that it is hurting from carrying me around so much. Mama thinks I forgot but, in the winter she was going to work and fell on the ice! It is the same shoulder that is hurting. How is that possibly my fault???? I wasn't even there when she fell! I wish I could talk sometimes but, then again - maybe things are better this way. Afterall, her shoulder hurts but, she keeps doing it!

Monday, August 8


Really, with all this black fur the heat is brutal. I am trying to downplay it cuz the minute I show signs of discomfort Mama will be on the phone with the grooming Monster place!
We had a nice day and Mama took me out but, I slept for most of it. Just too hot. I almost didn't even feel like eating anything....until I noticed Papa had a hearty plate of goodies.
Mama is always eating leafy green stuff and veggie burgers. Who the heck would have a veggie burger instead of a hunk of meat? She can't be right. Anyhow, I need to pee I think. Then lights out for me!

Sunday, August 7

Short but, Sweet Day

Today was a short day on a count that Mama, Papa and I slept in until after NOON! Woohoo, we have not done that in ages. Here I am with my Mama. Now you can put a face to the name. Papa took the photo so you have to wait and see him another time....Mama finally got up from her bum bum and downloaded more photos from her camera. My blog will be better than ever now!
And don't I take a great photo? Seriously, I know how to pose! Mama calls me her little super model. So I don't make six G's a year but, I get all the attention I need so I don't care.
Anyhow, I lay around the house most of my day. Why? Because I can.
Mama took me for a walk and we went visiting again in the neighbourhood. I had fun and ofcourse was the STAR attraction where ever I went. Some things just never change.
Sweet day though, not that I got any sweets but, I had some treats, a bit of meat and Mama cuddled me a lot!

Saturday, August 6


Mama and Papa had company today! WOOHOO. The best is that she was also a major dog lover. She petted me so much! I got to eat dinner with everyone too. I had chicken, some steak and even Mama's friend gave me little pieces of her chicken. Papa kept saying I was going to throw up but, my stomach is pretty strong and it was GOOD food so no problems there. I was so happy. I had such a good day.
If I had my way we would have barbecues and visitors every day. More fun and food for me! We went to bed very late but, we all had a good time so it was worth it.

Friday, August 5

My world is a tennis ball

Some days I could play with tennis balls all day. Today was the day! Mama took me to the big park and we looked for some but, nope - none to be found. I got home and opened my special tennis ball toy crate. (I learned how to push the lid off with my nose.......makes Mama giddy everytime I do it)
I played with my tennis balls in the living room while Mama and Papa watched a movie. One of my orange ones went under the tv. Then I lost a green one. Then a red one. Mama finally got tired of digging them all out for me. I wish that woman would realize that I would do it myself if only my paws were longer!
Anyhow, so tired........sleepytime.

Thursday, August 4

Small Visitors! My fave!

Mama was really busy this morning so I spent most of the morning with Papa. We cuddled on the couch and Papa took me outside while he tended to the garden. Papa went to play golf in the afternoon. Mama was going to take me for a walk but, I refused to get up. Too hot! Mama and I hung out on the deck while Mama read a book. Suddenly, we heard a voice calling Mama from the nearby park. It was Dominique! She is the young girl who lives up the street. She was with her brother Zack and their friends who also live on the street Michael and his brother Anthony. Mama said hi and motioned for them to come over. YEAAAAYYY! Love that mama! They came over and Mama gave them juice and chips. We all sat on the grass together. I was so happy I could not stop licking mamma's face. Surely the kids were here to see me. You know I am a local celebrity around here. Anybody who is anybody from these parts knows "the friendly little black poodle who loves everyone". Yep, that's me!
The kids stayed for about an hour and it really made my day! After that Mama had to do some more stuff so I lay moping around what seemed like forever until I heard my leash and mamma's keys. We were for a long walk and sat in the park for a while on a bench. I have to say, I really love doing that. I am like an old man. I love to people watch! Papa came home after and I was really affectionate with him. He got loads of kisses! I had a fun day. I hope those kids come back real soon to play with me.

Wednesday, August 3

Relief from the Heat

No, I did not wear a sweater today. Too hot. Old photo. Anyhow, nice day. Slept, ate and played quite a bit today. Mama took me for a long walk and carried me for most of it. Too hot! I hate to admit it but, I finally understand why I have to go and get groomed. My hair has already grown back and my nails are very sharp already.
I wish Mama would learn to groom me - surely would never hurt me.
Mama was busy today on the job hunt again and Papa worked at home also.
I plan on going to bed early. I am tired!

Tuesday, August 2

Left at home with Papa

I slept all morning. Mama and I slept in and cuddled until 11am. I love the fact that she is not working. Papa and I love having her home. She takes care of us. Especially me. Mama took me for a long walk early afternoon.
I was having a nice day until Papa announced he was going to play golf and then Mama left to go see a concert.
If I was one of those dogs who tore stuff up this would be the time to do it. But, I will restrain myself. I know for a fact there is steak in the freezer and I am not stupid to make them mad at me. I wil get them back somehow. I will hide one of Mama's slippers - that will just drive her nuts. She hates when she can't find something!!
Speaking of Mama someone really should remind her that she is turning 37 this dog years that is like five years and a month..... I don't know if she would mind me telling you she went to see the Backstreet Boys...... she says she is only going for her nieces but, I think she is using it as an excuse. I have witnessed her drooling over Howie. Howie's a Backstreet Boy for those of you who may not know. How I know all this stuff is beyond me.
Ha Ha, due to the thunder Papa never went golfing after all.
I guess Mama's slipper is safe.........for now.

Monday, August 1

Obsessed with a Bone.

I was up nearly all night. Mama bought me a big NYLA bone and gave it to me last night before bed. A NYLA bone is a safe bone that I won't choke on. Anyhow, I spent the entire evening hiding it in various places when I should of been sleeping. Mama was very upset. I kept waking her up with all the noise. Darn, that bone is heavy and I kept dropping it. Mama first found it humorous that I felt the need to hide it away from her and Papa but, by 4:30 in the morning it was no longer funny apparently. Anyhow, got up today early at 7:30 and woke Mama up yet again to feed me and take me out to poop. She was not impressed but, got up. Once she was up and functional (which took quite some time) I decided to go into my crate and sleep all day. Well, ofcourse I slept all day..........I was up all night. I don't think Mama was too thrilled about me catching up on all that beauty rest. Mama couldn't be all that upset with me, she took me for a long walk. It was hot but, I was a good walker. I know when not to push my luck. And as for my bone.........I hid it in the backyard while Mama and Papa were outside. I know they didn't see me but, I heard them laughing. Laugh all you want people, it's called Animal Instinct and although I am cute and most certainly cuddly.........never underestimate that I am an Animal deep down under all the fur and childlike qualities.
NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is touching my bone!