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Monday, September 22

Goodbye Dear Friend

Today Mama came home and opened the mail. She was so excited because it was from T-Man's mom. We havn't been blogging for a long time because Mama has school and we have been doing lots of fun stuff in between. We were shocked and greatly saddened to learn that my boyfriend T-Man has passed on. T-Man's mom sent us a note with a beautiful picture of my T-Man.
Mama cried a lot. Even though she didn't know T-Man as well as me. He was my boyfriend afterall. Mama cried for T-Man's mom because Mama knows how much she loves me with all her heart and soul and cannot imagine what T-Man's mom must of went through.
Mama sends me to the groomers and feels lost without me in the house.
Mama is so sad and so at a loss for words because she simply cannot imagine life without me.
Mama hugs me and tells me she loves me every 5 minutes. Normally it annoys me but, know I understand why.
I myself am very sad but, I read T-Man's blog from rainbow bridge and I know he is having such a good time and running after balls and squirrels. I know he is thinking of all of his friends on dogs with blogs and he is waiting for us.
I loved T-Man soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
From day one since I started blogging we hit it off. It was love at first sight.
But, of course...he looked just like me.
T-Man will always be my boyfriend.
T-Man will always be special in the depths of my heart.
THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER T-MAN. I miss him so much and wish that I had checked up on him daily on his blog. I am catching up now while sitting on my mom's lap and she is crying but, laughing all the great memories, photos and stories that T-man shared with us.
T-man had the best mom ever and the best girlfriend if I do say so myself.
I am so thrilled that he is still blogging and keeping in touch with us. We are all so blessed to have known him and continue to be blessed because of him.
T-man I LOVE YOU!!! Please save a hunk of cheese for me when we reunite one day for a romantic dinner. I play with the toys you sent me all the time! I especially love my stuffed purse, perfume and credit card. You really knew the way to a woman's heart.
Rest peacefully my lovely stylish man.