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Tuesday, October 21

My Best Friend

Mama made this video about me because we are best friends. Enjoy!

Monday, October 20

Here is me and my mama going down the slide at the park.

Wednesday, October 8

Me and my mom

Mom and I have been cuddling and spending more time than usual which is A LOT. We are very sentimental these days watching videos of my boyfriend T-Man the angel.
Mom is amazed at how much he really is like me mannerisms and all.

I miss my T-Man but, enjoy catching up with him on his blog from rainbow bridge.
My mom and I love each other very much and plan on making lots of videos like T-Man's mom did. Mama is just experimenting right now. Videos to come soon!

Monday, September 22

Goodbye Dear Friend

Today Mama came home and opened the mail. She was so excited because it was from T-Man's mom. We havn't been blogging for a long time because Mama has school and we have been doing lots of fun stuff in between. We were shocked and greatly saddened to learn that my boyfriend T-Man has passed on. T-Man's mom sent us a note with a beautiful picture of my T-Man.
Mama cried a lot. Even though she didn't know T-Man as well as me. He was my boyfriend afterall. Mama cried for T-Man's mom because Mama knows how much she loves me with all her heart and soul and cannot imagine what T-Man's mom must of went through.
Mama sends me to the groomers and feels lost without me in the house.
Mama is so sad and so at a loss for words because she simply cannot imagine life without me.
Mama hugs me and tells me she loves me every 5 minutes. Normally it annoys me but, know I understand why.
I myself am very sad but, I read T-Man's blog from rainbow bridge and I know he is having such a good time and running after balls and squirrels. I know he is thinking of all of his friends on dogs with blogs and he is waiting for us.
I loved T-Man soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
From day one since I started blogging we hit it off. It was love at first sight.
But, of course...he looked just like me.
T-Man will always be my boyfriend.
T-Man will always be special in the depths of my heart.
THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER T-MAN. I miss him so much and wish that I had checked up on him daily on his blog. I am catching up now while sitting on my mom's lap and she is crying but, laughing all the great memories, photos and stories that T-man shared with us.
T-man had the best mom ever and the best girlfriend if I do say so myself.
I am so thrilled that he is still blogging and keeping in touch with us. We are all so blessed to have known him and continue to be blessed because of him.
T-man I LOVE YOU!!! Please save a hunk of cheese for me when we reunite one day for a romantic dinner. I play with the toys you sent me all the time! I especially love my stuffed purse, perfume and credit card. You really knew the way to a woman's heart.
Rest peacefully my lovely stylish man.

Thursday, May 22

*%$$!*^% VET!!!

I am in an awful mood. Mama and Papa took me for my yearly check up at the vet today. Check up is what they call it. I would refer to it as an invasion of privacy, poking, prodding extravaganza. I got a clean bill of health except for two things.
My teeth and my stomach.
Apparently in the last year the tartar on my teeth has really become bad. The vet prescribed me to eat a special kibble that will help. They gave me a sample and I promptly spit it out. I'm no fool. Apparently it is low in fat. Yuck.
Which is supposed to help me with my other stomach. Which the vet says I am a little chubby and should lose around 1 pound or so. It's not a lot but, for a little dog like me apparently it can make a huge impact on my health.
No more table scraps for me.
That damn vet.
I need to look away now...not happy. And I am already hungry!

Monday, May 19

I'm back!

Hi everyone! I know I have been out of the loop for a while but, I have missed you all so much!! Here are some of the things I have been up to.

I have been going on long walks with my Mama. We found a great place where I can walk off leash that is safe!

I have been helping Mama and Papa entertain friends. I just love having people over!!!

I have been visiting with my neighbour and one of my best friends....Audrey. We just love visiting her and I always lick her face to oblivion which makes her laugh. Audrey gives the best back rubs

Mama has a new job and is still going to school at night so her and I spend as much as time as possible together. I love my Mama so much.

And here I am with my favorite aunt ever! She is Jessie and Jake's mom. As you can see, I monopolize all of her cuddling when they are around.

And of course I have been modelling all over the world. Boy, it's good to be back!!

Sunday, December 23


Happy Holidays to all my four legged friends. Hope Santa Paws is good to you all!!! I myself am looking forward to opening all the presents for me under the tree! There are so many!!
I wish you all peace, joy and a big fat hunk of steak

Here I am at my visit with Santa. It may appear that I am flirting a bit but, that was only so that I could get what I want. I am sure T-Man won't mind since I flirted my into getting T-Man a new cell phone.

Friday, November 16

From Russia with Love

I am on assignment in Russia. A company out here is starting a new line of doggie wear and chose me (very wisely) to be their face of fashion. I am having a good time here but, it is very cold and I miss all my dogs with blogs buddies so I am just checking in to give you guys an update. Mama...who is also my agent, hairdresser, stylist, photographer, manicurist and poo picker upper - says that I only have a few more shoots to do and soon we will be returning home and I will have more time to blog.
A girl's gotta earn her keep...until next time my canine friends....I leave you with my latest ad for the new Russian clothing line.

Sunday, October 28

The dark side of modelling

Hi everyone. Mama has enlisted me in boot camp. My last modelling gig commented that I was a bit "pudgy" where poodles are concerned. Hmpft! The nerve! Obviously they don't know curvaceous fur balls are highly regarded.

I refuse to cut down on my portions so Mama's decided to become my personal trainer.Anyhow, I thought I'd share some footage. Mama's a real drill seargeant!!

Saturday, October 13

Back to blogging.

I have been so busy on modelling assignments I have had no time to blog. Plus Mama is going to night school so she has no time to type for me. Her and I made a compromise that we are going to make a concious effort to keep in touch with our friends at dogs with blogs. We really missed all you guys! Even if it is a little blurb once in a while, we promise to try and keep it up more often than not.
Now, I must go catch up with my four footed buddies. (And some of my favorite two footed ones)